Title:  Lagoon Earrings
Description: Silver
Artist: Dianne King

Dianne King - Floating Free


Dianne is an award-winning jewellery designer-maker based in Fife woh specialises in one-off pieces.

Originally a sculptor and art historian, she lectured at Edibunrgh College of Art for 25 years. After a period as an Honorary Research Fellow, Dianne re-trained as a jeweller and has been exhibitinh her work internationally since 2005.

Artist Statement

Poetry, pattern of water, the processes and life of the  ocean, all helped to form the Floating Free series of unique jewellery pieces. As part of a collaboration with Shetland poet, Christian Tait, I used her poem Spindrift as the starting point for developing ideas for jewellery. That led on the looking at the different patterns water creates in the sea, sand and rivers.




Cecilia Colman Gallery 67 St Johns Wood High Street London NW8 7NL - 020 7722 0686