Title:  Cylinder Vases
Description: Ceramic
Artist: Tessa Wolfe Murray

Tessa Wolfe Murray trained in Ceramics at Goldsmiths College, London 1981-84.

Her work is both handbuilt and slip-cast, sculptural in form, but always functional.

Inspiration for the surface decoration comes from a process that begins with photographs taken whilst traveling: rock formations, beach debris, horizons, buildings and their surfaces, museum artifacts.

Surfaces are often an interplay of incised lines on vessels that have been textured, built up, impressed, or distorted. Colour comes from metal oxides mixed into clay and glazes.

Some of the work has a final layer of smoke firing, a technique she developed especially for high-fired internally glazed pots to enable them to hold water. 

She has exhibited and accepted commissions worldwide. Her work is held in collections that include Japan, USA, Israel, Singapore, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, and Belgium.

In the 1990s, She collaborated with the Conran Shop to design and make ranges of vases and lamp bases. She has also worked with interior and product designers.




Cecilia Colman Gallery 67 St Johns Wood High Street London NW8 7NL - 020 7722 0686