Title:  Necklace
Description:  Carved wild boar tusk, carved fire opal, moonstone, agate, cornelian beads
Artist: Memory Stather
Profile: After many years of living abroad mainly in the Far East and Africa, Memory set up her workshop in 1997 in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. She had taught Gemmology for a number of years and was passionate about gems. Now as a gemstone artist and jeweller her work combines the wonderful colours and natural beauty of many different, often rare and unusual gems. It is these gem which she carves herself that makes her work unique. She revels in creating gifts items such as perfume bottles, pocket sculptures or Jewellery in which the gems are encapsulated in precious metals to produce truly unusual hand crafted treasures. Memory feels it is important to create pieces that give pleasure to all the senses. Her aim is to combine three-dimensional shapes with carefully chosen colour combinations and textures to form a cohesive whole that is unique to each piece.



Cecilia Colman Gallery 67 St Johns Wood High Street London NW8 7NL - 020 7722 0686