Title:  Blue Brush Vessel and Teacups
Description: Hand thrown white porcelain
Artist: Deborah Alvarez

Deborah Alvarez is an artist with a passion for ceramics. She is inspired by the power and beauty of architectural landscapes, particularly by the contrast between modernity and antiquity. Something that encompasses her daily life in Tel Aviv Yafo and its surrounding areas.

Originally from London, she has a deep understanding, from her time working as a surveyor, of the impact urban function and design can have on the environment. She explores the tensions of urban development, balancing the story of old with the challenges of new and the emotion it inevitably provokes.

The process of focusing this exploration through the ceramic medium highlights the tension between function and form evoking a similar reaction. Using accents of colour, reflective surfaces, and tactile finishes, the imagination of a unique and playful skyline is captured. 

The medium of ceramics provides the perfect material to explore the subject, with its permanence, designed to last. The recycled clay used is indicative of the importance of the environment in the process.

Every series tells its own story and allows the viewer to transport themselves to both new and familiar times. Through the shapes and forms, the work will challenge the eye and invite intrigue.




Cecilia Colman Gallery 67 St Johns Wood High Street London NW8 7NL - 020 7722 0686